This is graphic art, so don’t you just use a Photoshop filter?

Absolutely not. I don’t use Photoshop or its filters to create my illustrations; instead the portraits are executed using a graphic illustration technique. I spend many hours using your photo as a reference (much like an oil painter uses a photo to reference as they paint) to create a portrait where the final product captures the true spirit and likeness of your pet.


This is a gift and the only photos I have are from Facebook/low resolution. Will they work?

HIgh resolution photos with natural lighting work best. (You must either own the rights to your photo or have written permission from the photographer). Please remember that the better your photo, the better your artwork. The more detail I am able to see in the photo the more detailed your portrait will be. Please feel free to send me multiple photos; the more I have for reference, the better. If you aren’t sure, just send me what you have and we can go from there.



How much is shipping?

Shipping is free and is included in the cost of your portrait for portraits up to 24x24. Larger sizes and international orders will be an additional charge.


Can you ship internationally?

Yes! I have created portraits for clients in New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong and London, to name a few. I can definitely ship internationally for an additional shipping charge.* Additional custom fees pay apply upon pickup of package from postal service. I have no way of knowing this amount and therefore am not responsible for any custom charges that may be owed. If ordering from another country, please note all my measurements are in inches and prices in US Dollars. 
* International shipping costs vary dramatically depending on the size, with some larger shipments costing more than the portrait itself. I am certainly happy to provide a quote. Another option would be to commission the portrait with a high resolution file and the rights to reproduce. You can then print it yourself locally.


What if I want a specific size that I don’t see listed?

Contact me with your request and I’ll get back to you with a quote.


What methods of payment do you take? / How can I pay the deposit?

I accept cash, checks and Paypal (you can link either a credit card or checking account to a Paypal payment).

You can pay the deposit either by check or by Paypal. There is an additional 3% fee for Paypal payments.


How long does it take to complete my portrait order?

The turnaround time depends on how many portraits I am currently working on. All portraits are done in the order I receive them. I will let you know the approximate wait at the time of your order. 


I waited until the last minute and need it fast. Do you accept rush orders?

Please contact me for expedite pricing if you need it by a specific date and I will do my best to accommodate your needs. Rush orders are handled on a case-by-case basis and are largely dependent on my current workload.


Do you do other animals besides dogs and cats? Do you do humans?

Yes, please see my gallery of animals I've done! 
No, I do not do humans. I specialize in animals only.


I’d like to include more than one pet in the same canvas. Do they need to be in the same picture together?

No. Just send me your favorite shots of all the pets you’d like included. I will illustrate each animal separately and then combine the artwork so that they’re all in the same piece. Add $160 to the base price for each additional pet.


Once I see the first proof, how many changes can I make?

Make as many changes as you need to, but please take the time to look at the portrait and gather your thoughts and change requests. Three total rounds of revisions (there can be multiples changes in each round) are included in your price. After that you will be charged for each additional round. Every time I send you a new proof, that counts as a round of revisions.


I looked at my proof on my iPhone and the colors don’t look like my dog at all. What gives?

As not all computer monitors are the same, colors or contrast might vary slightly from actual artwork. Proofs may show up dark or inaccurate on your mobile device.


What kind of canvas do you use and how should I care for it?

Your portrait will come on high quality Chromata White Inkjet Canvas. The canvas itself is matte, however there is an added gloss once the canvas is printed. It is waterproof with a Glamour varnish to protect, preserve and enhance the print. Avoid direct sunlight if you can, but indirect light be fine with the varnish. Dust with a cloth and avoid spraying cleaners onto the canvas.


Will you send me the original high resolution file of my pet’s artwork?

Yes. At your request, you can purchase the high resolution file for any future production for an additional price. Contact me for the cost.  The rights to reproduce are for personal use only and NOT for resale of any kind.


Do you recycle?

I’m glad you asked! I try and use all recycled materials for my packaging. Please excuse the second hand boxes as I try and save a few trees!